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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

About Catours

Founded in 1972 and developed as a family-owned company by Jorge Taylor, CATours has become Costa Rica’s preferred DMC and its best tour operator. CATours is the pioneer tour operator of Guanacaste, starting operations in 1995, and has been established as the “local expert” of the area.

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Costa Rica is not only renowned for its natural beauty but also for its commitment to environmental conservation. One lesser-known fact is that it has successfully reversed deforestation, with its forest cover increasing from 21% in 1987 to over 52% today. Additionally, it’s one of the few countries in the world to have constitutionally abolished its army, redirecting funds to education, healthcare, and environmental protection.

About Costa Rica

Today’s new travelers are seeking for new adventures, authentic experiences, and to get close with the local culture. Now more than ever, clients are looking to enjoy nature, taste unfamiliar food, and have fun in a foreign country, all while trying to leave a positive mark. Thinking of conservation, preservation, and contributing to make this a better world has never been more present than in the generations leading our planet. A country that leads the world in ecotourism, Costa Rica is the perfect spot to do all of this while creating unique memories.

Our beautiful country makes our work easy. We just need to show it to our clients, and the sunset, the waves, the birds, and the infinitive type of greens will do the rest. CATours will show clients the best places with the highest service, surpassing all expectations when they choose to travel to Costa Rica.


Located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Guanacaste ranks #1 in our top destinations in Costa Rica. Warm dry climate, sun-splashed beaches, world class surfing and fascinating National Parks.


A majestic cone-shaped volcano. 70% of the bird species in Costa Rica are permanent residents in this area. Don't miss the natural hot springs where you can bathe and relax the night away!


Monteverde is a magical spot where you can experience the beauty of the Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, famous for being one of the wildlife sanctuaries highlights of the New World Tropics. Great place for zip line and sky trek tours.

Central Valley

Capital of Costa Rica, bustling metropolis with museums, theaters and vibrant nightlife; folklore, handcraft and plenty of restaurant options. There's also lots of nature, natural parks, volcanoes and natural reserves.

Central Pacific

There is much to see and do with numerous beaches such as Jaco , Manuel Antonio, sterillos, Dominical and others. Great for urfing and fishing, Make sure you don't leave without having a “churchil" in Puntarenas.

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