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REPS Unlimited is dedicated to capitalizing on and fostering opportunities within the travel industry. With a network of wholly-owned offices strategically located across Germany, the UK, USA, Lithuania, Southeast Asia and Australia, we offer a distinctive proposition: the ability to expand your business simultaneously in the world’s largest outbound travel markets, all under the guidance of one trusted partner. Through our extensive reach, we provide exposure to over 40 countries, offering you unparalleled access to a global audience. At REPS Unlimited, we bring the world to your doorstep, consolidating diverse markets and expertise under one professional entity.
Team Europe
In an effort to enhance our operational efficiency and provide superior service to our clients across Europe, we are excited to announce the consolidation of all our European offices into one centralized European cluster. This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to achieving comprehensive coverage of the European continent. We believe this consolidation will not only improve our operational capabilities but also reinforce our commitment to providing exceptional service across Europe. We look forward to this new chapter and the opportunities it brings to enhance our service delivery and client satisfaction. By centralizing our operations, we aim to:

Carla Cantara Wiegand


Carla oversees all initiatives pertaining to business development for REPS Unlimited. Her career history includes more than 25 years’ experience holding key management positions for hotels and resorts in Asia.

Marc Sievert

Executive Board Member

Having founded the company in 2009, Marc Sievert is part of the Executive Board. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in tourism, Marc provides global directions for the company and our partners

Olga Kazakova-Juodkiene

Senior Team Member
Northern and Eastern Europe

A passionate traveler having visited more than 60 countries for holiday and work purposes, Olga has held senior management positions in sales and marketing spanning 20+ years. Her network with travel companies is not limited to the Baltic countries and Finland but also extends to the outbound markets of Ukraine, Kazahkstan, and Azerbaijan. Olga’s expertise enables her to support our hotel and DMC partners in successfully growing their business from this region.

Jill Siebert

Head of Team Operations
German-speaking and Balkan Countries

Jill has been with the company for more than eight years and has successfully generated business for our DMC and Hotel partners. Having worked as a product manager for one of the leading tour operator companies in Germany, Jill has a clear understanding of the outbound travel market and has built a formidable network of tour operators within the mainstream, luxury and niche segments. Jill is in charge of ensuring that the team consistently delivers the highest quality of services to all our industry partners.

Nitisha Garcha

Head of Team
UK, Ireland and Benelux

With over a decade of experience in business development and sales within the UK travel market, Nitisha brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her extensive global travels have enriched her destination knowledge and cultural insights. Nitisha's career spans the luxury market, where she has represented prestigious brands across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, her background in working with representation companies has provided her with a strong understanding of clients' specific needs, making her an invaluable asset to our organisation.

Market Profile

Europe is recognized as a robust and steadily growing outbound market for Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania. According to the European Travel Commission (ETC), Europe accounted for over 715 million international travelers in 2019. This represents an average growth rate of 3.3% from the previous year, with projections indicating a continued increase of 4.5% annually through 2021. European travelers prioritize vacations that offer excellent value for money and competitive pricing, irrespective of their overall spending capacity. The most preferred destinations for European travelers are diverse, reflecting the varied interests and preferences across the continent. In Asia, Vietnam is a favorite for its unique culinary experiences and historical sites. Latin America attracts many with destinations like Mexico, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant cultural festivals. In Africa, Kenya offers unparalleled safari experiences. Oceania's standout destination is Australia, renowned for its iconic landmarks and natural wonders. With a strong preference for destinations that combine affordability with rich cultural and leisure experiences, European travelers are a significant and growing segment in the global tourism market. This trend underscores the importance of providing tailored travel packages that meet the specific needs and expectations of European tourists.

Team Sydney - Australia and New Zealand

Market Profile

Australia and New Zealand are regarded as two steadily growing outbound markets for Asia. According to the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), Australia alone accounts for over 11.3 million international travellers in 2019. On average, this is a 2.6% increase from the previous year, and it was forecasted to steadily increase 5% by the end of 2021. Our market tends to focus highly on vacations that are a great value and a good price, regardless of their spending power. The most highly preferred destination for Australian and New Zealand travellers is Indonesia since it is a neighbouring country and an inexpensive holiday destination that our market see as great value.

Michael Thomson

Head of Team

Michael’s experience in the Australian travel and tourism industry spans over 20 years, having worked in a diverse range of roles and segments, including wholesale, Hotel sales, hotel representation and corporate tech travel. This experience has allowed Michael to develop an extensive network and is well placed to assist clients in maximizing their opportunities within the Australian and New Zealand Markets.

Lisa Neuner

Marketing Coordinator

With nearly five years of experience at the company, Lisa began her career in direct sales before transitioning to marketing and product development. Having lived in Southeast Asia for many years, Lisa possesses extensive local knowledge and a passion for new adventures. In her current role, she is responsible for ensuring the company effectively presents its products and highlights the best aspects of its eleven destinations.

Are you interested in any other country?

Through our expansive network, we have established associated offices spanning the globe. If there's a particular market region where we currently do not have our own office, rest assured, we're equipped to assist you in researching and connecting with a suitable partner company. Your interests and expansion goals are paramount to us, and we're committed to leveraging our network to facilitate your business growth wherever your ambitions take you. Simply let us know your target market, and we'll work diligently to identify the ideal partner to support your endeavors.

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