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E-Commerce and Connectivity

An all-inclusive, plug‑and‑play solution to increase leads and revenue

Powered by Archipelago (PbA) "Connected by REPS Unlimited" assists accommodation companies to accelerate their online business and stay ahead of the competition. Many hotels lack the resources (teams, tools, systems and expertise) and without proper systems in place, this gets worse over time, opportunities are missed. We offer the first all-inclusive plug-and-play solution to this problem. Instead of wasting time, money and energy shopping around and then arranging for the set up and integration, we provide all (or some) of the following tools along with their set up, implementation, training and ongoing oversight with your hotel team:

Connectivity - Distribution - Revenue Management

We audit, fix, and help improve your connectivity to more than 30,000 distribution channels. We turn connectivity into a revenue generating machine.

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E-Commerce and Connectivity

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