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REPS Unlimited offers a global platform to promote locally-owned and managed hotels, resorts and cruises to the biggest and most potential outbound markets from Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. REPS Unlimited is a professional representation company, founded on the principle of growing the business of our partners, who are likeminded in our passion for travel and hospitality. Our strength lies on the partnerships we have forged with distinct travel companies that are relevant in growing the business of our partners.

Our Destinations and Partners

  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Oman
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam

Your World of Unlimited Possibilities

Travel Partners

Business Potential

Market Exposure


Revenue Growth

REPS Unlimited creates unlimited opportunities in times of crisis and offers a lifeline during this challenging period. A partnership with us requires minimal investment, and the returns are UNLIMITED.

Take advantage of our expertise, our strong network within the travel industry, and professional support services to jumpstart your business, provide you with more revenue, more brand awareness, and better positioning. For more information, drop us an email at

Why Work With Us?

  • REPS Unlimited acknowledges that the true measure of success is in bringing confirmed and paid business to its partners.
  • REPS Unlimited understands that a partnership based on a monthly retainer may not be fitting for all companies. This is the reason why we came up with several partnership options.
  • REPS Unlimited offers a new business model that is incentive-driven and does NOT require a monthly retainer fee. We work on a fixed commission basis only. In plain terms, we only get paid when our partners get paid.
  • REPS Unlimited covers the biggest outbound markets from Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. Our local teams are dynamic travel professionals with established networks in the countries we offer.


No recurring monthly retainer fees. We work on fixed commission, eliminating possible budget constraints.


We operate in 10 market clusters. Select the cluster you would like us to represent your company. View our market clusters


A one-time fee to cover logistics of setting up our online and offline promotions for your company. How does it work?


In-depth training to learn about your properties and services, collection of all collaterals to promote you to our source markets as well as setting up your company in our sales and marketing network.


After the initial set-up phase, our global teams will start promoting and selling your properties to decision makers within the tourism industry.


Your success is our success. We will mutually agree on the business generated through our sales efforts and commission will be paid.

The Journey from Asia Reps to
REPS Unlimited


Asia Reps Rebrands to REPS Unlimited

To-date REPS Unlimited is the only representation company that offers highly focused sales and marketing initiatives by local teams on the ground in all the outbound markets covered within Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America. REPS Unlimited is a bold and innovative company that offers unique business models designed to increase your market share with very minimal investment.

Adapting to the Changing Landscape of the Travel Industry

In 2020 when countries worldwide were re-opening their borders and travel was poised to resume, ASIA REPS made the crucial decision to expand its geographical coverage and grow its network globally, aptly rebranding itself to REPS Unlimited. Recognizing the fast-changing landscapes of the travel industry, the impact of the Covid pandemic on a global scale, REPS Unlimited has designed a new menu of business models that are more relevant and better suited to deliver the requirements of our esteemed partners.


DMC Reps is launched

DMC REPS was created to specialize in the promotion of a unique selection of Destination Management Companies to outbound travel markets around the globe. Backed by a successful decade of managing the hotel and resort representation company, DMC REPS is the brainchild of the same owners and managers of Asia Reps.
2011 - 2020
2011 - 2020

Expanding our Global Network

Over the years ASIA REPS expanded its geographical coverage and grow grew its network globally. In addition to its offices in Germany, the company proceeded to open its own offices in the UK, Australia, North America, South East Asia, Hong Kong, India, Russia and Spain making ASIA REPS to become one of the leading hotel representation companies.

Asia Reps is launched

ASIA REPS began by promoting a handful of local high-quality hotels and resorts seeking new business from the German-speaking markets. The company grew organically together with its partners, gaining new clients from all over Asia, and establishing a trusted name as an outstanding sales, marketing and representation company within the travel industry.

Meet the Global Team

Carla Cantara Wiegand
Kerstin Vandre
Jill Siebert
Marc Sievert
Olga Kazakova
Simon Hemmings
Nisha Shrivastva
Nuria Sabater
Vandana Mathur
Najoua Janin

Our Services and Packages

REPS Unlimited offers a comprehensive menu of sales and marketing initiatives intended to drive business, increase market share, strengthen brand positioning and continuously create awareness within the targeted markets for your properties, products and services. We tailor our services based on following considerations:
Whether you wish to contract our services for a year, a quarter, or on a per-project basis, we will be glad to design a proposal that will effectively reach your targets. Our team in REPS Unlimited are trusted by decision-makers within the tourism industry. We maintain a distinct level of integrity and reliability. We make sure that every time we speak to a travel company on your behalf, we not only build interest for your brand, we build trust and confidence – an essential requirement for long-term cooperation.


Representation Services

With a very minimal one-time set-up fee, REPS Unlimited offers the opportunity be promoted to any or all of our offered market regions. We have eliminated the headache of monthly, quarterly, and annual retainer fees. For this kind of representation services, we only charge a one-time set-up fee per region of your choice and a flat percentage commission for confirmed and materialized bookings.
Choose any of the three regions we cover, or choose all depending on your sales targets.

Region 1: North America

Region 2: Europe

Region 3: Asia Pacific

Region 4: South Asia



Representation Services

Our premium representation services follows the classic business model of promoting our partners to specific market clusters. With our B2B approach, we launch highly focused sales and marketing initiatives to engage potential travel companies and decision makers to feature, partner and book with our clients. For this kind of representation services, we charge a flat monthly retainer fee for each chosen market cluster. We also offer a reduction in the monthly fee if you wish us to promote you to a combination of two or more market clusters.
Choose any or a combination of the market clusters below, depending on your sales targets:

Region 1: North America

Region 2: Europe

Region 3: Asia Pacific



Representation Services

Not looking for a full representation service? Searching for ad hoc support to conduct dedicated sales missions or marketing campaigns? Take advantage of our A La Carte Services that are tailormade for specific projects.
Choose any of our menu of services and let us know which your desired markets are:

Ad-hock sales services


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