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With 20 years’ experience, 9 offices in South America and a team of experts, chosen for their unbeatable knowledge on the region, Gaston-Sacaze is a leading receptive agency in South America. Specialized in tailor-made travel for individuals and groups, we offer the highest level of services and work with only the most reliable and professional suppliers and guides.

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Ecuador is home to one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, the Yasuni National Park. What makes it even more intriguing is that within this rainforest lies the Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT) oil fields, estimated to contain billions of barrels of crude oil. This juxtaposition of immense natural wealth and environmental conservation efforts sparks ongoing debates about sustainable development and conservation in the region.

About Ecuador

The well-known Galapagos are part of this small Andean country. In fact, to visit the islands of Charles Darwin, it is mandatory to go through its capital Quito (UNESCO World Heritage ) or its main port, Guayaquil.

The country is also full of haciendas that will make you travel back in time and live unique experiences. Make no mistake, the world-famous Panama hat is not from Panama, but from Cuenca, Ecuador. You can visit the factories and learn about the incredible history of this straw hat, which reached the Panama Canal and the White House.

Due to Ecuador’s varied regions and because of is located on the equator, it is an excellent travel destination year-round.
Bordering with Peru and Colombia, Ecuador has four very different ecosystems for travelers to experience: the Pacific coast with its sandy beaches, the Andes with its snowcapped mountains, the Amazon with its tropical rainforest and the Galapagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago. Along with the legendary Mitad del Mundo, where the equator passes, this small country attracts visitors interested in its unique geographical diversity and one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

Ecuador has a lot to offer its visitors. After visiting Quito, colonial World Heritage capital, make your way north to Otavalo with its famous, traditional and colorful crafts market. Venture into the depths of the Amazon forest, where you will discover an old-growth rainforest with exceptional biodiversity. Alternatively, bike along the Waterfall Route that starts in Baños, hike up to the Cotopaxi or Chimborazo peaks, some of the highest active volcanoes in the world… and then fly to the Galapagos, an emblematic volcanic archipelago, famous for Darwin’s studies and home to the endemic wildlife that inspired his theory on the evolution of species.


The largest historic center in all of South America, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the two gates to the Galapagos.


Favorite city of foreigners for its authenticity, gastronomic diversity and well-preserved architecture.


This region comprises the largest number of species in the world, with an infinity of insects, hundreds of types of birds, mammals and reptiles. Home to more than 2/3 of the world’s biodiversity and the greatest biodiversity per square meter on the continent.


Unique indigenous region. Authentic, colorful. It is also located in a beautiful region full of colonial haciendas and plantation of roses exported throughout the world.


The town of fun, adventure, waterfalls, hiking, biking, and hot springs.

Galapagos Islands

A destination like no other. World-renowned, unique, preserved, aquatic adventure, unique flora and fauna.

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