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Dominican Republic

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Established over 10 years ago in Santo Domingo, Mi Tierra Verde is a professional, knowledgeable, and highly customer focused DMC offering a wide range of tailor-made services that cater to FITs and Groups as well as Incentive and Educational Programs. Mi Tierra Verde’s team believes in providing the services needed to create unforgettable memories for their customers. They design their own tours and excursions, provide premium ground-handling services, and arrange domestic flights, transportation, leisure cruises and more.

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The Dominican Republic is home to the only species of the West Indian manatee, known as the Antillean manatee, in the Caribbean. These gentle giants inhabit the country’s coastal waters, mangrove estuaries, and freshwater rivers, playing a crucial role in marine ecosystems. Due to their endangered status, conservation efforts in the Dominican Republic focus on protecting these remarkable marine mammals and their habitats.

About the Dominican Republic

Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for beach holidays all year round. With its large hotel infrastructure around Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, and Samaná, travellers can find excellent accommodations from local boutique hotels up to five-star luxury international chain brands. Most hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive packages with excellent services, but what really makes them special are the Dominicans themselves, with their authentic smiles and great love for service. This great island in the very middle of the Caribbean, is known for its robust tourist infrastructure with ground transfers, boat and yacht services, and professional tourist guides, which results in high quality performance ensuring a hassle-free holiday.

On the other hand, the Dominican Republic offers more than just a beach holiday. There is a great diversity of excursions available – from relaxing tours to extreme adventures. Beaches, rivers, waterfalls, trekking, mountain hiking, ziplines, paragliding, islets, fishing, and horse-back riding are just some of the activities and excursions on offer during a holiday. In the Dominican Republic every day is summer! For most of the country the climate is tropical, allowing visitors to enjoy the country’s biodiversity throughout the whole year. The average temperature in the Dominican Republic ranges from 20°C to 32°C. However, in mountain villages temperatures range from 8°C to 24°C. From December to March, temperatures can dip to 0°C in these locations.

Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic is one of the largest cultural, financial, political, commercial, and industrial centres in the country. Here lies the first Cathedral and the first Castle of America. These two buildings are in the Colonial Zone and have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A beautiful place that recounts the history of hundreds of years; just outside this colonial city is the city centre, where the large infrastructures of buildings, avenues, restaurants, bars, and shopping centres are located.

Saona Island

One of the spots where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. This tropical island located a short distance from the mainland on the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic is a government protected nature reserve and is part of Cotubanamá National Park. It is a popular destination for tourists who arrive in fleets of catamarans and small motorboats. The island is known for its beaches and has been used on several occasions by filmmakers and advertisers looking for a scenic ‘desert island’ setting. The island was baptized ‘Saona’ by Christopher Columbus, who discovered it in May 1494 during his second voyage to the Americas.

Los Tres Ojos National Park

The Three Eyes National Park, an open-air limestone cave system, is a place where unique underwater caves offer an exuberant experience. You will find that this is a Dominican treasure and an area of national heritage. Just a 15 minutes’ drive east of Santo Domingo; it has been designated a protected area since 1972 when the government of President Balaguer reserved it for the enjoyment of visitors and residents of the city.

Cayo Arena

This small island located just off the coast of Puerto Plata, is totally pure and clear, so much so that fish and marine life can easily be seen with their beautiful colours, making it a perfect place to go snorkelling. An incredible beauty, this little island is immersed in a dreamlike landscape. Imagine sunbathing on a small island of pure white sand lost in the sea, surrounded by waters so crystalline that you can see the bottom with incredible clarity, now imagine diving into its colours that range from turquoise blue to aqua green.

Cayo Levantado Island

Also known as ‘Bacardi Island’, this islet lies in the bay of Samaná, just off the coast of Samaná. Here you can relax and indulge yourself with a delicious piña colada whilst viewing the wonderful mountains of Samaná town. Cayo Levantado is the perfect place to escape on a day trip to enjoy a day of snorkelling, kayaking, sun, and beach. It is in one of the most charming Caribbean areas offering some of the best beaches in the world. Its sands are white and fine, the waters offer incredible visibility and are full of colourful tropical fish.

Catalina Island

This is a tropical island located 1.5 miles from the mainland on the southeast corner of the Dominican Republic, near La Altagracia and La Romana provinces. It is an occasional destination for cruise ships on Caribbean routes. The island itself is only 9.6 square kilometres in size, and is a diverse preservation of eco-systems, including sand dunes, mangroves, and reefs. Formed out of coral stone, the island contains three overlapping plateaus. The waters around the island are rich in wildlife, with many species of birds and tropical fish, and there are large areas where natural sand formations offshore bring the depth to just a few feet.

Bahía de las Águilas beach and National Park

Located in the southwestern zone of the Dominican Republic, this park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, due to its large stretch of untouched beach with crystal clear water and white sand. As part of the Jaragua National Park this stunning beach is recognised as one of most beautiful beaches in the whole country. Established as a National Park in 1983, it is now a UNESCO-recognised natural reserve. The ‘Bay of the Eagles’ is completely isolated, and its waters contain a variety of wildlife, from a wide selection of fish to Caribbean lobster.

Montecristi Province

Located in the northern part of the island, ending on Cabra Island, this place contains one of the largest extensions of mangroves, covering 15,000 acres of beautiful mangrove forests. Natural pools are spotted along the canal of mangroves with crystal clear and shallow water. This is a great spot for some lunch and a dip The province is also home to the iconic El Morro Beach where visitors can go on a hike to enjoy stunning views. Moreover, it is the starting point for tours to Isla Cabra, Cayo Siete Hermanos and Estero Hondo, a small fishing village and home to a natural refuge for manatees making it one of the few places in the Caribbean where you can see them in their natural habitat.

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