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BE MICE VOYAGES is a licensed inbound travel agency, a member of the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies, excited to offer you the best possible services to meet your expectations.

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Tunisia boasts the subterranean marvel of the Matmata underground dwellings, known for their unique architecture carved into the desert rock. These troglodyte homes have been inhabited for centuries, offering shelter from the scorching heat. Famously featured in “Star Wars” as the home of Luke Skywalker, these caves blend history with pop culture, drawing visitors to explore this fascinating blend of ancient tradition and modern cinema lore.

About Tunisia

There’s so much to see and do in each region of Tunisia: a wide variety of landscapes, a coastline spanning 1.250 km, studded with islands and archipelagos, a fantastic array of traditions and customs as well as a rich historical heritage.

The country is worth a visit all your round. Mild and sunny, the winter is perfect for long walks, horse rides, drives and motorbike trips. It’s the ideal season for exploring the Sahara or visiting medinas, museums and archaeological sites. Make the most of spring for a break by the water, to practise your favourite water sport or to explore sites and locations imbued with history. In the summer, Tunisia is the ultimate seaside destination: endless beaches, hotels and clubs to suit everyone. Autumns are mild and ideal for a swim in the sea, boat trip or an adventure in the Sahara. And if you’re feeling a bit more athletic, there’s golf, water sports and kitesurfing too. Whatever you choose, you can follow it up with a pampering session at one of the many Thalasso & Spa centres.

Tunisia is a captivating destination unlike any other. One that will surprise and delight you in so many memorable ways. And with a variety of hotels from all inclusive resorts to luxury and boutique hotels, it’s also one of the best value destinations on the Mediterranean with something for everyone.
Sun-seekers will relish the warm weather and some of the best beaches on the Mediterranean. Those who prefer action-packed holidays will be able to try every water sport under the sun along the 800 miles of coastline, or stay inland for desert thrills such as quad biking and sand boarding.

And for those into history, Tunisia is home to some of the world’s finest Roman ruins, as well as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The bustling souks and medinas are the perfect places to go for unique, handmade crafts and you’ll never be too far from a café or restaurant offering delicious food, chilled wine and refreshing local lemon juice. There are also world-class golf courses and luxurious spas specialising in Thalasso therapy. And when night falls, Tunisia’s thriving bar and club scene means you can dance the night away.


Visitors choose Tabarka for its exceptional location, between the sea and the mountains. The beaches of golden sand are framed by rocky spurs and forests of pine and cork oak. The crystalline waters hide the precious red coral in its depths. The characteristic silhouette of the Genoese Fort, perched upon an islet, is the emblem of Tabarka. The mountainous backcountry holds the promise of fantastic excursions and hiking around the village of Ain Draham, the entry point to a vast forested mountain range.

Bizerte & Dougga

Lovers of nature and authenticity, the beaches and valleys of northern Tunisia will take your breath away. Wild coves, forests, vineyards and vast fields of wheat. On the coast, Bizerte, sentinel of the Mediterranean, is a historic city with well-preserved charm. This lush region also is home to two locations designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One is a cultural site, the Roman city of Dougga, and the other, the natural reserve of Ichkeul where the lake attracts thousands of migratory birds.


Variety of resorts in summer, well known for its beaches and its party atmosphere, Hammamet is also a small city with an authentic charm. Turquoise waters, the scent of jasmine, white houses and stone walls gilded by the centurie. Its medina fringed by fine sand is particularly poetic. Nearby, the new resort town of Yasmine Hammamet offers a more contemporary setting, while the forests and lemon groves are a real pleasure for nature lovers.


A modern metropolis in full growth and major historic city, Tunis is always full of surprises. On the side of the medina, numerous ancient buildings open their doors, some transformed into museums or cultural centres, others into restaurants and tea rooms. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, the medina conceals treasures. From its gates extend picturesque quarters with beautiful façades from the 1900s, whilst on the peripheries, chic restaurants and entertainment venues rub shoulders in the modern quarters.

Carthage & Sidi Bou Said

Close to the capital, a prestigious location and striking views: this is the introduction to the Coasts of Carthage, named after one of the most glorious ancient cities of the Mediterranean. Founded by the Phoenicians, destroyed then rebuilt by the Romans, Carthage is today a fashionable city. Next door, Sidi Bou Said is an elegant village where the blue and white houses jostle with each other on the hillside, facing the sea. Stretching out close to these inspiring locations are the beaches of Gammarth and La Marsa.

Sousse & Port El Kantaoui

Long beaches, old stones, high palm trees; Sousse is a city ripe with seduction where entertainment and exoticism coexist harmoniously. As a major modern city, it’s one of Tunisia’s most lively coastal resorts. As a historic city, it has conserved a magnificent medina and exceptional monuments from the Middle Ages. Just a few minutes away, a tourist town with Andalusian charm has been built especially for holiday-goers, around a marina: the integrated resort of Port El Kantaoui.


Away from the coast, in a landscape of steppes, Kairouan is a fascinating city still anchored in a distant past. One of Islam’s holy cities, it was the first capital of the Maghreb. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, it conceals several marvels: the medina, the venerable Great Mosque, the Aghlabid Basins and the stunning mausoleum of Sidi Saheb decorated with ceramic tiles. And of course it is impossible to forget the numerous workshops where the most famous knotted pile carpets in Tunisia are made.


A small city which keeps its original traditions, where the women cover themselves with gold jewelry and the houses are decorated with embroidered hangings. Its monumental gateway calls back to its glorious past: it was the first capital of the great Fatimid dynasty, who would go on to reign in Egypt and Syria. Its medina stretches out along a narrow peninsula, surrounded by deep blue waters; its sumptuous beaches delight the tourists. A charming city with many faces.

Djerba & Zarzis

Both Mediterranean and Saharan at once, the island of Djerba has been a source of fascination since the time of Homer. Ulysses tasted the “lotus” there, a delicious fruit which takes away all desire to leave, and today each visitor feels spellbound by its exceptional atmosphere; an atmosphere which it shares with Zarzis, its neighbour on the mainland. But Djerba is also an island of holiday clubs, activities in the fresh air, a unique heritage to discover and excursions into the majestic setting of the Sahara.

Tozeur & Nefta

Towns arising from the desert and pressed against vast palm groves, Tozeur and Nefta surprise, fascinate and immerse visitors in a surreal landscape. The burning light of the Sahara pours into narrow streets of the old quarters, between the high façades and golden coloured bricks. In Tozeur, palaces, theme parks and museums have flourished around the old town. In Nefta, countless domes indicate the tombs of saints, overlooking the oasis which nestles in a basin called the Basket. The dunes of the Sahara are just a few kilometres away.

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