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About Portugal Travel Team

Portugal Travel Team is a full-service Destination Management Company with offices in Lisbon and Faro, Algarve. In 1996 Eduarda Neves, Owner and Founder of Portugal Travel Team, decided it was time to create a DMC focused on two segments of the Industry she had developed over many years working in tourism – MICE and Luxury FIT Programs. And so, Portugal Travel Team was founded and started operations throughout the country, supporting clients from so many different markets who wished to bring their clients to Portugal for either their Conferences, Incentives and Product Launches, or tailor-made luxury itineraries for Individual clients with their friends and families.

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Portugal is home to the world’s oldest bookstore, the Bertrand Bookstore, which has been operating since 1732. Located in Lisbon, this historic bookstore has survived earthquakes, revolutions, and wars, making it not only a haven for book lovers but also a living testament to Portugal’s enduring literary heritage.

About Portugal

When exploring Portugal from top to bottom (and into the ocean), you will be surprised by the modern and simultaneously authentic city of Porto, one of the oldest cities in Europe, by the various cultural influences and modern trends and lifestyles of Lisbon, by the stunning beaches of the Algarve and, when traveling to the Portuguese islands, discover Madeira Island – The Pearl of the Ocean, and the best sustainable destination in Europe – the Azores Islands.

Allow yourself to be amazed and visit Portugal!
If you are dreaming about your next trip to Europe, dare to discover Portugal, located at Europe’s most westerly edge. With a fascinating Mediterranean gastronomy and an appealing climate with an average of 200 days sunny days a year, Portugal offers a wide variety of activities and experiences.

With 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Portuguese culture and history offers opportunities to explore the roman heritage, the medieval castles, or the romantic palaces, blending seamlessly with the contemporary culture and way of living. From the world´s ancient University of Coimbra to the alluring natural landscapes of the Douro Valley, there is the chance to experience the rich cultural heritage, the hidden natural treasures or the splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, within a blink of an eye.

This small corner located at the edge of Europe also benefits from a variety of traditions and customs which change from region to region and enrich its civilization and its visitors.


Lisbon, where the old meets the new. The city has an incredibly rich heritage whilst being one of the trendiest capitals in Europe.


From magical forests to romantic palaces, Sintra never fails to seduce.


Discover this delightful town of white houses adorned with bougainvillea and honeysuckle, surrounded by its castle medieval walls.


While to the north the pace is set by the green of the flatlands as far as the eye can see, further south the landscape combines with the sun, the heat, and a slower pace of life.


Be it the millennium-old cathedral or the latest molecular gastropub, the city of Porto is really a living heritage, one that reinvents itself while maintaining its core character.


A dream made of enchanted valleys, unscathed nature, and world heritage sites; in its steep vineyards is where Port Wine is produced.


Unwind on white sand beaches with clear blue waters whilst enjoying with the freshest fish and seafood you will ever taste!


Explore the oldest tea plantation in Europe, experience the four seasons on the same day and try the famous stew cooked underground at the volcanic craters.


Sometimes dubbed “the pearl of the Atlantic”, Madeira is known for its steep peaks, beautiful flowers and… for being the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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